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The ease of use of myEsign may decrease the average sales close time by at least 60% to 80% in most business cases. Several hundred kinds of documents can be signed with myEsign that range from sales contracts, NDAs, Questionnaires, Rental agreements and much more. Any email that you send with myEsign is stored in our secure server and is sent back to you as a PDF once esigned.

Departments that can use myEsign

  • Sales and Procurement
  • Human Resources
  • IT and Finance

File Types

All document types
PDF, DOC, DOCX etc,.
will be converted to PDF.

"Signing documents is so easy. I had the opportunity to sign quite a few documents with such ease and it saved a lot of time for me"

John, Marketing Expert.

"I sign documents when I travel now."

Ruby, Finance Expert.

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